Catamaran Adventure VIP


Enjoy an Adventure VIP – quality, speed, comfortable space, comfort and safety.

These features are just a few attributes of our luxury catamaran.
Catamaran Adventure VIP is one of the best boats, which visits the island of Saona and certainly the most comfortable. Our catamaran was designed and built especially for cruises to Saona.
Adventure VIP – is a double-hulled, two-storey catamaran (size 17m length × 8m width) built especially for the Tropical Sun.
Safety – the design of the catamaran, and it’s additional filling foam, makes it very stable and resistant to higher waves (important for families with smaller children). This means we do not require passengers to wear ugly and uncomfortable life jackets.

Seats – We are registered for 110 people. For greater comfort, we take a maximum of 40 guests on board.
Stone bar – This is in the middle of the catamaran. Snacks and drinks are included. This is where our main service takes place at Adventure VIP.
Two toilets –We have accommodations for both males and females, with washing and changing facilities. Adventure VIP is one of the few boats on the Saona with toilets.
Fresh water in the taps and shower outside – This is also a highly desirable and rare solution on the boats on Saona. A shower is very useful after bathing in salt water.
Space for animators – on the bow of catamaran, there is a large space for entertainers, leading the party in the rhythm of bachata, merengue, or current songs.
Engines – Mercure has three engines with a capacity of 3 × 300 horsepower. This makes the experience even more interesting, and we can spend more time on the “Piscina Natural” or Saona beach.
Eco – the catamaran is a pro ecological unit, which uses solar energy panels placed on it’s roof.

It is the best version of the excursion from Punta Cana to the Saona Island from Punta Cana!