Why Saona Luxury Experience?


Saona island is a slice of paradise, however this beauty is the reason for the steadily increasing number of tourists. There are huge crowds on most beaches, waiting for food served on plastic plates. Transport is provided by small boats and for safety reasons passengers must wear uncomfortable and ugly life jackets.

Saona Luxury Experience shows visitors a completely different Saona. Our goal is to show the island in its natural form. The beauty of Saona is the wildness of the place – beautiful, natural coconut palms and beaches with soft, white sand. Our beach is not crowded, and with a perfect lunch of whole grilled crawfish, the exotic and uniqueness of the place is emphasized.

Saona Luxury Experience is not only a perfect Saona, it’s a full-day experience with a unique combination of luxury and exoticism. Our cruise is a safe, unique journey, which is itself a unique attraction. There is plenty of space on both decks, drinks made with premium rum, and entertainment provided by Dominican dancers.

Saona Luxury Experience is an all-day event, and it is the best VIP tour to Saona available in the Dominican Republic.